By Donna Christensen, Consumers for Quality Care Board Member

With more than half of Americans having received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, sighs of relief are beginning to be heard across the country. While we collectively celebrate the impending “return to normal,” Americans are still experiencing unsustainably high health care costs — a problem that has come to the forefront as COVID patients experiencing long-lasting symptoms are facing mounting medical debt that has led to bankruptcy in some cases. …

By Former Rep. Donna Christensen, Consumers for Quality Care Board Member

As the public health crisis begins to wane in the United States and we continue our national recovery, there is a lot to be optimistic about when it comes to health care. More Americans have insurance coverage than ever before, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. Effective COVID-19 vaccines are helping to keep Americans safe. …

By Jim Manley, Consumers for Quality Care Board

As a Capitol Hill staffer who had a front-row seat for the creation and passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), now enhanced by the American Recovery Plan Act, I believe it is an extremely important piece of legislation for millions of Americans across the country, including those who must rely on individual health insurance. In addition to providing financial assistance to consumers to purchase coverage, it requires all individual health plans to broadly cover a comprehensive set of benefits, adhere to limits on cost-sharing, and offer plans within specified tiers that…

By Jason Resendez, Consumers for Quality Care Board

Throughout the presidential campaign, candidates have devoted significant attention to health care — and for good reason. According to a recent Ipsos-Consumers for Quality Care (CQC) poll, health care continues to rank highest on a list of perennial concerns over retirement, housing, higher education and child care, regardless of party affiliation. As the Democratic presidential candidates prepare to take the stage for the fifth debate in Georgia, they must focus on cutting the high costs of health care squeezing consumers in the Peach State and across the country.

This year, CQC launched…

By Jim Manley

When a U.S. District judge ruled that UnitedHealth Group developed policies discriminating against patients with mental health and substance abuse disorders in an attempt to save money, patient advocacy groups rightly cheered the decision. Those with mental health and substance abuse disorders deserve and depend on access to affordable, quality care, and these practices are simply appalling. …

By Jason Resendez, CQC Board Member and Community Advocate

Americans are increasingly alarmed about rising health care costs. A recent Consumers for Quality Care (CQC)/Ipsos survey revealed that Americans worry more about paying for health care than they worry about costs associated with retirement, college, housing or child care.

Insurance policies and billing procedures can lead to surprise medical bills, emergency department coverage denials and increased costs for prescription drugs but it is often difficult to know what to look for when trying to avoid increased costs. During Health Literacy Month, CQC launched

As governors gathered last week in Washington, D.C., many of their states were considering dangerous waivers that, if implemented, pose a serious threat to Americans’ access to quality health care.

These Section 1332 State Innovation and Section 1115 Medicaid waiver requests to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) seek to radically reshape state health care markets and safety net programs. …

Dismantling Massachusetts’ Health Care Legacy

By Consumers for Quality Care Board Member Donna Christensen, former U.S. Delegate for the U.S. Virgin Islands.

“Quality care will truly be available and affordable for each and every man, woman and child in our state.” These were the words of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, my former colleague in the U.S. Congress, at the signing ceremony for Massachusetts’ landmark health care legislation in 2006.

Eleven years ago, Massachusetts led the way. State leaders joined together in a bipartisan manner to do what no other state was able to accomplish: universal health coverage for its residents…

Consumers for Quality Care (CQC)

Consumers for Quality Care works to ensure patients — and their right to high-quality health care — remain at the front of the health care debate.

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